Adam has collaborated as a sound designer, audio engineer, projections designer, video editor, and photographer with many professionals in the theatre community.  He received his B.A. in Media Arts and Theatre from the University of South Carolina.  

Leaving Eden

PlayMakers Repertory Company

Writer: Mike Wiley

Music & Lyrics: Laurelyn Dossett

Director: Vivienne Benesch

"Adam Bintz's sound cues mesh

wonderfully with the dialogue

and with the music”

(Triangle Arts & Entertainment)

“Adam Bintz's sound design mixes effects, vocals, and the four-performer pit band with great discernment.” (Chatham Life & Style)

Masks and the Monster

The Other Voice

Creator and Director: Joni Weisfeld

Sound Designer: Adam Bintz

Photo by Eric Casey

A devised physical theater production with vaudeville and neutral mask influence.


TheaterWorks Hartford

Book: Todd Almond

Music & Lyrics: Matthew Sweet

Director: Rob Ruggiero

Music Director: Evan J. Zavada

Sound Designer: Joshua D. Reid

"With sound design skills that match

those of any touring rock band,

TheaterWorks has worked audio magic.

The band sounds like a band in a club, and yet you can also hear the tender dialogue between Mike and Will, down to whispers and giggles." -Hartford Courant (Girlfriend)

Photo by Lanny Nagler